Our Chamber Members

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Individual Supporting Members –   (as of 11/2019)

Stephanie Ames, Edward & Sue Albright, Pamela August, Nancy Decker,  Patricia French, Bob Fullington, Scott Gibree, Keith Giles, Gerald Goulet, Daphne Hallowell, William and Laurie Kelley, George  & Heidi King,  Philip Knowles,  Lora Langston, George Maffey, Meighan McWilliam, Philip Mero, Linda and Rick Rockefeller, Sue Russell, Dan Schoonover, Heidi Sweet, Patricia Troyan and Rita Warren.

Chamber officers:

  • (Open) President
  • Jim Carroll, Vice President
  • Catherine Quaglietta, Secretary
  • Meighan McWilliam, Treasurer (interim)

Other Board Members

  • Chris Maron, Economic Development Liaison
  • Laurie Kelley, Heritage House Liaison
  • Heidi Sweet, Membership Committee
  • Deirdre Forcier (EDC Liaison)

Join the Westport Chamber of Commerce:

Please mail checks (& application if not e-mailed) to:

Westport Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 394, Westport, NY 12993.

Thank you for joining our team and supporting your Community!